OCION Water Sciences helps make water safe. We also make it work. OCION specializes in water solutions for agricultural, industrial and recreational purposes. Our innovative products work for you. To protect against the ravages of algae, bacteria and other undesirable microbes. To keep irrigation lines clean and efficient. To manage organic waste and stifle noxious gases. To prevent and control crop diseases. And to allow our children to swim without bloodshot eyes.

We’ve got a pretty serious job.

Water is the operating system of our planet. It flows through everything that lives. But humankind is testing the capacity of the world’s precious water reserves. And now over a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Algae blooms are killing aquatic life and compromising water’s functional qualities. Water is a world resource in crisis.

OCION designs products to address many of the biological challenges of today’s world. From greenhouses in British Columbia and drinking water in Alberta to shrimp farms in Malaysia, water-challenged villages in East Africa, produce shipments in Mexico and olive groves in Greece, the efficacy of OCION’s environmentally-responsible products continues to be proven.

Algae is the most significant cause of environmental degradation of inland waters according to the United Nations Environment Program. The notable rise in algae and bacteria in world water systems has been attributed to human activity.

Corporate Structure

OCION Water Sciences:  Dedicated to on-going research and development of technology, products and their applications across the OCION family.

OCION Clean Water Solutions : Dedicated to education, marketing, sales and customer care in anti-microbial water treatments.

OCION Agro-Industrial: Dedicated to education, marketing, sales and customer care for anti-microbial treatments in agricultural and industrial operations. Organic waste and waste water management. Food safety. Plant health. Water distribution systems maintenance.