Clean water defines OCION. As the foundation of our products and applications, it is what we strive for. Through our technology, we have found a better solution to this ongoing world challenge. As a company, we are also committed to being better. Better corporate citizens, better employers, better business people. It’s all part of our bottom line.

We measure our performance equally against achievement in four key areas:

Product:   uncompromising standards of excellence

Profit:   a fair return commensurate with effort and supportive of growth

People:   socially responsible action, community development, philanthropy

Planet:   sound environmental and sustainable business practice.

Corporate values

We’re committed to measuring our success against a quadruple bottom line. Our values show us how to get there. We consider them pivotal to our competitive advantage:

  • Commitment:   reducing world dependence on harmful chemicals is a matter of urgency
  • Consideration:   product, profit, people and planet form part of each decision
  • Innovation:   to discover new applications for our science-based products
  • Openness:   transparency, integrity, accountability and professionalism, without compromise
  • Family:   the diversity, talent, and spirit of our team must be nurtured
  • Prudence:   to protect the return to our stakeholders and the community
  • Responsibility:   growth to support those less fortunate and protect the environment