International Distribution of OCION Products

OCION uses a wholesale distribution system for distributing our products worldwide. Our distributors can help you learn about our pricing and delivery terms as well as a list of local dealers in your area.  We are also happy to direct you to a distributor who would be suit the buying needs of your business.

Contact us at for further information.


Become an OCION Distributor

OCION Water Sciences welcomes applications from commercial operators worldwide interested in joining its family of distributors.

Qualified OCION distributors demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • experienced, knowledgeable and/or active in water treatment and disinfection in municipal, agricultural or industrial sectors
  • sound business reputation and financial stability
  • possess necessary support and facilities
  • capacity to seek and obtain government regulatory approvals where required
  • willingness to negotiate formal exclusive contract

For further information on how to become an official OCION distributor, contact us today at