AIM Technology. At the heart of OCION products is our proprietary Aqueous Ion Matrix (AIM) technology (link to Technology).  AIM optimizes the anti-microbial properties of minute quantities of natural mineral ions.  That means the control of micro-organisms is safer, less costly, and longer lasting under a wide variety of water conditions.

Easy to Use.  ‘Operator-friendly’ is a term we hear frequently from our customers. OCION products are applied directly by pouring, injection or spraying from a container of water-based solution. No mixing is required as the products naturally and quickly seek even distribution through a water host. Refer to the product label or speak to your OCION tech rep regarding dilution rates for your application.

Safe. Operator risk is considered low when using OCION products according to directions. Proper ventilation and protective gloves and clothing are recommended when applying. Refer to product label for first aid, handling, and personal protective equipment requirements.

Cost Effective. OCION products save time and money. Here’s how. Little to no capital expenditure associated with product application. Reduced chemical reliance. Lower and less frequent application requirements. Safe for most water distribution infrastructure. Lower filtration and other mechanical maintenance requirements. Easier and consistent effluent handling. Products remain active through a wide range of conditions until required.

Targeted Application.  Unlike the indiscriminate killing properties of many synthetic chemical products, AIM-based products can be relied upon to repel or kill undesirable microbes, while remaining safe for plants, livestock and humans, when applied according to label instructions. Undesirable bacteria are killed at dilution ratios that have low concentrations of active ingredient whereas many important beneficial bacteria can tolerate the low concentrations of OCION’s natural mineral ions and remain active in the treated environment.

Environmentally Responsible. OCION designs products that control micro-organisms using minute quantities of copper, zinc and other natural minerals as the active ingredients. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration, when applied at label rates, OCION’s minerals are used at dilution rates that are consistent with naturally occurring background levels in our environment. For example and depending on water quality and organic content, algae are controlled at concentrations that are lower than concentrations recommended in drinking water guidelines.  Both the dilution rates and the unique properties of AIM technology help achieve a ready return to a healthy environment.

This is how it works. Typically the application of OCION products to water, waste, plants or food results in the mineral ions penetrating the target cell and binding to the micro-organism, disrupting the cell and becoming a naturally occurring organic matter. In this state, the bound minerals are no longer biologically active and therefore have minimal impact on the receiving soil or water environment. The copper or other mineral ions in OCION products are taken-up by target microbes and are commonly re-assimilated into the natural environment without creating a mineral imbalance.  The minerals are to a large extent recycled naturally and typically are metabolized as beneficial nutritional elements.