Anti-bacterial Organic Waste Treatment

  • Reduces pathogens in manure and organic waste
  • Controls odor and noxious gases
  • Prevents and controls fly and larvae infestation
  • Protects livestock health and growth rates
  • Better quality and improved manure handling
  • Safe for workers and animals

Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions. Contact OCION for product availability in your area.

Dangers of Organic Waste

Consistent and effective management procedures are of critical concern wherever organic waste is present. Fermenting organic waste can give rise to noxious gases such as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide if not properly treated. Whether in animal agriculture, food processing or manufacturing operations, indoor air quality represents significant health and safety concerns for workers and animals alike. Produce producers must also monitor gases generated by anaerobic fermentation. Gases generated in open feed lots located in warm humid areas or with sub-optimal drainage also require active management to suppress odor and harmful emissions.

Effective Bacteria Regulation

OCION BD41 / BIODEX is a highly effective bacteria regulator for manure, fermenting feed, food processing and other industrial organic waste. Through independent lab and field testing together with over a decade of commercial application, OCION BD41 / BIODEX has consistently demonstrated its ability to control noxious gases emissions and foul odors. OCION BD41 / BIODEX also controls harmful pathogens  such as Escherichia coli(E. coli), faecal coliform, salmonella and listeria. Algae, unwanted worms and fly larvae are prevented or eliminated following prescribed OCION BD41 / BIODEX applications.

Improved Handling

By preventing the separation of solids, OCION BD41 / BIODEX also provides a uniform liquefied mass with predictable consistency for easier handling. As an added benefit, users report that OCION BD41 / BIODEX improves crop manure by ensuring uniform nutrient quality.  Where waste water recycling is desired, the product can be effective in water clarification. By reducing overall biomass with regular OCION BD41 / BIODEX applications, users report lower chemical consumption and mechanical treatment requirements.


Whenever organic solids ferment, indoor air quality represents significant health and safety concerns for workers and animals alike.  It’s also harmful to the environment. Not only can its odor be offensive to neighbors, failure to control its emissions run afoul of many state and community bylaws.  For more see Ammonia pdf.