Waste Water Management

Rock Reed Filtration Sewage Treatment

Test Results following  OCION BD41 / BIODEX Trials
Trial elements:

  • 2.5 hectare settling lagoon
  • 39 million liter capacity
  • 378,000 liters/day flow
  • Sewage retention up to 10 days
  • 6 wk test period

Significant reduction of bacteria, gases and solids as follows:

Parameter START END %IMP
BOD 132 9.9 93%
Faecal/Coliform 9,255 0 100%
TSS 61 6.2 90%
Ammonia (pm) 45 10 78%

Other reported benefits:

  • Relatively odor free
  • Worms and larvae gone
  • No algae growth
  • Cloudy to clear color



Independent Studies

Ammonia Study

 Twelve hog farms using OCION BD41 / BIODEX achieved a 60%  ammonia concentration reduction in a study performed by the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries in concert with the University of British Columbia. Related tests involving use of OCION BD41 / BIODEX in manure storage lagoons showed odors are virtually eliminated when OCION BD41 / BIODEX is added.

(See Finisher Hog Manure Pit Case Study pdf  for the results of additional controlled testing.)

Accelerated Fermentation Study
OCION BD41 / BIODEX‘s ability to accelerate manure fermentation and to significantly reduce organic solids, BOD and bacteria counts was verified in this study by The Advanced Manure Management Technologies of Ontario.  See AMMTO Project pdf

OCION BD41 / BIODEX Testimonials

BIODEX in our aerated waste lagoons has minimized several serious problems for us. Before using BIODEX, approximately 20% of the lagoon’s volume would settle as organic waste. Now, we find that no settling of the waste takes place. Odorous gases have been reduced very significantly especially during the hot weather.  As an added bonus BIODEX has greatly reduced the foaming action of the effluent on top of the waste lagoons. The overall results are a significant improvement in the control of our waste treatment.”

                                                  Ian G. Cooke, Production Manager

 Broiler Breeder Farm
 “Thank you for your assistance in controlling manure odors from our broiler breeder farm.  After 3 – 4 days we already knew BIODEX was working because the odor was completely gone.”

Ted Apperloo
WindyRidge Farm
Abbotsford, BC.



Hog Manure Pits and Lagoons
We have been using BIODEX since November 2000 on our hog manure both in the pits inside the barns as well as on the outside lagoon and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The major benefits are the reduction of the smell and the increase solubility of the manure that is gradually reducing the past solids build-up in the lagoon. When we spray the manure, there is no smell and the manure is more homogenous. Before we had mostly water coming out of the sprayers and solids only towards the end. Now the liquid is dark from start to finish of the spraying. I have noticed that the corn that grows on BIODEX treated manure appears to grow faster and larger.”

“I am very pleased with  the results we are getting from BIODEX application and look forward to your next developments on manure treatment. Keep up the good work.”

 Tony Bates
Abbotsford, BC.

Hog Manure Pits
“My wife, son and I weaned and processed pigs the first of March and noticed when we finished that we didn’t cough as much after we had been in there most of the day. I pumped out again the 19th of March. This pit pumped out the cleanest it had been for a long time. Everything flows well to the pump outs. I also noticed when I spread it on the top of the ground this time that the smell was not as strong as it has been in the past.

I should continue using BIODEX as this makes a better environment for both of us and the pigs. It will also help make better relationships with the neighbors on the odor”.

Jerry McCrory, Atlantic Iowa