Discriminating Waste Management

OCION BD41 / BIODEX is proven commercially for reducing noxious gas and associated odors as well as for bacteria regulation in sewage and waste water, animal manure, fermenting produce and feed and manufacturing and food processing waste. It is suitable for use in large, medium and small scale operations without infrastructure requirements. OCION BD41 / BIODEX successfully controls noxious and odorous gas emissions such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, methane, and sulphur dioxide.

Reduced Chemical Reliance

With OCION BD41 / BIODEX, fermenting sewage waste can be stored with little or no noxious gas production and will maintain a uniform liquefied mass with predictable consistency favorable for handling. Users report that OCION BD41 / BIODEX reduces or eliminates the need for certain chemical treatment during secondary or tertiary treatment.

Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions. Contact OCION today for product availability in your area.

Independent testing has demonstrated the ability of OCION BD41 / BIODEX to reduce the growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli(E. coli), faecal coliform, salmonella and listeria. Read more