Pleasant User-Friendly Treatment

Pools, hot tubs and spas are meant for fun and relaxation. But heavy chemical disinfectants can easily make the experience less than enjoyable. Strong smell, skin and eye irritation and even respiratory discomfort are not uncommon. Asthma and chemical allergies can also develop. BlueMagic offers a safe and healthy treatment alternative that offers a truly pleasing water experience. Used according to label directions, it doesn’t smell or create irritation – more user friendly. Offering year-round protection, it is easy and safe to use, cost effective and easily degrade by environment.

In commercial use for over a decade, BlueMagic is proven effective in the control of algae, bacteria and blue green algae which ultimately reduce the cyanotoxins produced by those microorganisms in private, condominium, hotel and health club settings. BlueMagic simplifies maintenance while ensuring operator safety. BlueMagic is also for home pool and spa use.

Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions. Contact OCION today for product availability in your area.


What Users say:

“This is the most invigorating pool experience ever because there is no chemical smell”.

“BlueMagic makes a really comfortable, soothing spa experience without chemical allergies”

“We now have a crystal clear water yet we use less chemicals and don’t need to treat as often.”

Reduce Chemical Reliance. Addition of BlueMagic can reduce chlorine reliance in your disinfection program. Treatments with BlueMagic remain effective for significantly longer than with chlorine alone.