A Different Kind of Pesticide

Many commercial pesticides are highly toxic and rely on synthetic chemicals that affect human and environmental health.

OCION ICC is different. OCION ICC‘s unique formulation is based on the natural antimicrobial properties of mineral ions. Minerals that are essential micronutrients for plants.

Many beneficial microbes have shown increased tolerance* to such minerals, and remain unharmed by OCION ICC, while their plant disease-causing counterparts – being highly susceptible to these ions – are eliminated. *At the recommended rates

OCION ICC is specifically for use on plantation crops. OCION ICC has had huge success in effectively treating Black Sigatoka, Finger Rot and Moko fungi on bananas plantations. OCION ICC prevents and controls a wide range of bacteria and fungi that cause plant diseases.

The OCION Advantage

Mineral-based products have been used widely for the control of bacterial and fungal diseases in agriculture for decades. Yet the amount of minerals required by plants is minute when compared to the amount applied using traditional methods for disease control. As a result, long-term use of mineral-based fungicides has resulted in negative ecological impacts, including detrimental effects on soil biota.

With OCION’s AIM Technology, the mineral ions in OCION ICC are fully bioavailable, requiring only minute quantities of copper for effective disease prevention control, protecting plants from disease without harming the environment.