Natural Mineral-Based Anti-Microbial

  • Controls water contamination caused by algae and bacteria
  • Effective against undesirable microbes in many water systems, including natural waters, industrial ponds, irrigation systems and livestock drinking water
  • Improves color, odor and taste of water
  • Lowers suspended organic material, resulting in lower filtration costs
  • Reduces chemical consumption during water treatment
  • Remains effective over wide range of conditions
  • Also used to treat reservoirs, golf courses, ponds, canals, waterscapes, potable water storage tanks and distribution systems

OCION PX10 / POLYDEX is an effective and environmentally responsible solution to algae and bacteria and their associated toxins in natural, drinking, industrial, and recreational waters. It also controls against undesirable microbes in irrigation systems and livestock drinking water.

Municipal water managers and engineers rely on OCION PX10 / POLYDEX to combat unsightliness, foul odor and taste in potable and non-potable water systems.

Using OCION PX10 / POLYDEX in agricultural and industrial water distribution systems keeps water working, protects animal health and preserves water resources. If not treated effectively, bio-matter can clog pipes, filters, hoses and nozzles. Noxious gases generated from improperly managed algae and pond slime can be harmful to workers, plants and livestock. Preserving workable grey water for recycling is frequently a practical necessity as well as a responsible practice.

OCION PX10 / POLYDEX is an environmentally sound alternative to solvents, chelates, sequestering agents and harmful synthetic chemicals. Read more on why this product is favored for control of biological contaminants:  OCION Advantage.

Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions. Contact OCION today for availability in your area.


Why use chlorine?  POLYDEX offers equivalent results but without the environmental harm and health risks. (See: Independent Study – Polydex and Chlorine pdf)

Blue green algae is one of the most widespread environmental problems of inland waters according to the United Nations Environment Programme.  Its toxins are poisonous at very low concentrations.  (See: Algae – An Environmental Menace pdf)