Non-toxic Biosecurity

For progressive agricultural and industrial managers seeking uncompromising solutions to algae, bacteria and their associated toxins that are also environmentally responsible, OCION PX10 / POLYDEX is the ideal solution.

Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

Biological contaminants pose a serious threat to the health of valuable plants and clog lines and storage tanks in greenhouse and field crop operations.  They also impact food safety. OCION PX10 / POLYDEX  offers a superior solution to keep greenhouse irrigation systems clean and free from bacterial and algal growth.

Client Testimonial from Westcan Greenhouses Case study pdf.

For added control of mineral scaling, OCION PX12.5 / Liquidionizer 12.5 in combination with OCION PX10 / POLYDEX does an outstanding job of restoring irrigation systems to peak efficiency.

Industrial Grey Water

Re-purposing and recycling industrial grey water requires responsible management practices. OCION PX10 / POLYDEX is favored by manufacturers to keep down noxious gases, control odors and reduce mechanical filtration requirements.

Pipe Friendly

OCION products are safe for use in polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel pipes and fittings.

Product registrations and permitted applications vary by jurisdiction. Call OCION today for availability in your area.