What OCION PX10 / POLYDEX Users Say:

Switching to POLYDEX has made a “vast improvement” to the quality of water at Alberta’s Bow Island reservoir, according to Ed Campbell. “POLYDEX has definitely made my life easier and it’s operator friendly,” he says. Cleaning the system strainers has gone from 2 to 4 times a week, to once every several weeks. Now that water quality has been optimized, Campbell expects to reduce applications by 40%, without any loss of efficacy this year.  See Bow Island Case Study below and as reported in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine Nov/Dec 2012.

Ed Campbell, Sr. Utilities Officer
Highway 3 Regional Water Services Commission

“The town of Oliver owns and operates a 20 km long gravity canal for irrigation and domestic water. The growth of algae in the canal during mid-summer was the cause of numerous complaints from water users. Filters for irrigation systems and screens for pump intakes were plugged-up. Dramatically within a day after treatment with POLYDEX almost all algae was gone or dying. There were no more complaints from water users. For preventative measures an application a week later was done. No more algae have reappeared since application 8 weeks ago. POLYDEX is the best product that we have ever used in treating algae growth; it has saved the Town labour costs and has delivered better quality water to users”.

Water Operator, Town of Oliver, British Columbia

“POLYDEX is a unique product being used with great success in many prestigious projects all over Dubai with the most important property developers, golf courses and major hotels”.

Independent POLYDEX Distributor

“For years Lake Marathon that supplies drinking water to Athens, Greece, was growing algae. They used copper sulphate but stopped it because of problems with fish dying. After testing POLYDEX reservoir managers agreed that POLYDEX does not have similarities with copper sulphate. POLYDEX was sprayed on areas around the 52 kilometer perimeter of the lake where algae grow. There was no residual copper or algae showing over a test period of five months following application. We are pleased that our customers thoroughly tested POLYDEX and found it satisfactory for continued use”.

John Moiras, ASTEC

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