Naturally Control Plant Diseases

OCION PT81 is a unique mineral-based foliar spray that offers superior performance at low doses to control and prevent fungal and bacterial plant diseases in greenhouses, nurseries and fields.

OCION PT81 can be used on a wide range of food crops, non-food crops, annuals & perennials, tropical foliage plants, potted flowering plants, shrubs, vines, trees and turfgrasses, and is suitable for commercial greenhouses, nurseries, and field applications.

Product Benefits

  • Utilizes the natural antimicrobial properties of mineral ions
  • Presents minerals in their most biologically active form
  • Liquid concentrate provides dust-free mixing and application
  • Superior biological efficacy of pathogen control with low application rates
  • Effective against a wide range of bacterial and fungal plant diseases
  • Controls nuisance algae growth in turfgrass
  • Environmentally responsible, safe, and cost effective.

Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions. Contact OCION today for product availability in your area.