OCION’s AIM Technology

At the heart of OCION’s suite of mineral-based products lies our proprietary Aqueous Ion Matrix (AIM) technology. OCION’s AIM technology, provides long-lasting stability of biologically active mineral ions in a wide range of water conditions with only minute quantities of minerals.

International commercial use consistently verifies independent and field studies demonstrating the superior anti-microbial and micro-nutrient properties of OCION products.

The Natural Power of Minerals

Many undesirable microorganisms have been found to exhibit a negative charge on their cell walls. This charge is imparted by lipids and polysaccharides, which compose the outer membrane of many microbes. The negative charge on membranes attracts OCION’s positively charged mineral ions. When the ions interact with the cell membrane, they cause damage, releasing cell contents and allowing the entry of more mineral ions into the cell.
Once inside the cell, the ions cause several mechanisms of toxicity, including the displacement of essential metals from their native binding sites, interference with oxidative phosphorylation, alteration of osmotic balance, redox cycling and alterations in nucleic acids, and proteins. When metabolism and replication are disrupted, the micro-organisms are inhibited or eliminated.

Unlike many undesirable microbes, most beneficial microbes are more tolerant to OCION’s natural mineral ions, and will not be affected.

OCION’s active ingredients are minute quantities of ionized copper, zinc, silver, iron and other minerals. These minerals are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration, when applied at label rates.

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