Since early times humankind has benefitted from the anti-microbial properties of many natural minerals. Ancient Greeks, Romans, even the Aztecs relied on copper as a sterilization agent for drinking water and wounds. In 1500 B.C. it was prescribed to combat headaches, “trembling of the limbs,” burns, and itching”. Cholera immunity was noted in copper workers during the Paris epidemic of the 1830’s.

Like copper, silver and zinc can be toxic to bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi without endangering human health. The Phoenicians stored water in silver bottles to prevent spoilage. Hippocrates wrote of its healing and anti-viral capabilities. Zinc is known for healing wounds, skin conditions and gastro-intestinal disorders.

Better Solutions

Through our proprietary AIM technology, OCION has overcome not only the practical limitations experienced with earlier uses of minerals as anti-microbial, it’s also maximized it bio-availability ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Take for example our copper-based products. They offer distinct advantages over copper sulphate.  Only minute quantities of ionized copper is used in OCION products and in combination with our proprietary AIM technology have greater and longer lasting effectiveness while remaining gentler to the environment. They do not precipitate with shifts in pH or evaporate and spread rapidly without mixing or agitation – remaining evenly dispersed in water regardless of dilution rate. Without mechanical mixing copper sulphate spreads unevenly in a water body and remains effective for only a few days. In contrast, OCION products remain bio-available until assimilated by a microorganism ensuring residual protection for an extended period. This also means that lower and lower application rates are required to keep aquatic environments free of unwanted micro-organisms.