On-going Research and Development

OCION is dedicated to on-going research and development in the fields of water treatment, agriculture, waste management, and food protection.

OCION has collaborated with many independent laboratories and research facilities to test our products in the lab and in the field.

OCION’s research collaborators include:

  • The National Research Council (Canada);
  • BC Research Corporation (Canada);
  • The University of British Columbia;
  • Kwantlen University; Agriculture & Agri Foods Canada;
  • Anacafé National Coffee Association of Guatemala;
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (South African Ministry of Health and Social Mutual Support);
  • National Medicament Organization (Greece);
  • Relab den Haan Laboratories (Netherlands);
  • Wageningen University ( Netherlands);
  • and the Government of the Philippines.

For more information on  our on-going projects, contact OCION today.