At the heart of OCION’s suite of mineral-based products lies our proprietary Aqueous Ion Matrix (AIM) technology. With AIM, OCION launches a new era of anti-microbial science where minute quantities of trace minerals deliver outstanding results. International commercial use consistently verifies independent and field studies demonstrating the superior anti-microbial, anti-viral and micro-nutrient properties of OCION products.

Proprietary Technology

The AIM matrix provides an inert carrier solution that supports water-soluble mineral ions for a wide array of highly effective applications. AIM-supported product formulas provide stability and maximize lasting biological efficacy while stimulating the anti-microbial and nutritional properties of trace mineral ions.

The theory behind OCION’s AIM science springs from the principle that when positively-charged mineral ions form electrostatic bonds with negatively-charged areas around a target micro-organism, the bonding distorts the cell membrane of the target micro-organism causing permeability. Once inside the cell, the active mineral ions react with sulphur-containing amino acid residues in the proteins and the micro-organism, unable to metabolize its food and perform digestive and reproductive functions, dies. With its work completed, the mineral ion in AIM stays with its host and is re-assimilated into the natural environment without creating a mineral imbalance.

Clean Earth Solutions

OCION’s formulations use minute quantities of minerals that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by international standards bodies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Ionized copper, zinc, silver, iron and other minerals are the main active ingredients.