At OCION we take our role as stewards of the environment seriously. OCION products are environmentally responsible and safe for humans, livestock, aquatic life and agricultural crops, when used as directed.

Product Characteristics

Minute Mineral Dilutions. OCION’s AIM technology allows OCION products to control micro-organisms – including algae, bacteria, and fungi – while using extremely low concentrations of natural mineral ions. Our mineral dilutions are not widely inconsistent with naturally occurring background levels, to help ensure a ready return to balance. Depending upon the application and conditions, concentration levels can be balanced to protect  the environment.

Return to Balance. This is how it works. Typically the application of OCION products to water, organic wastes, plants or food results in the mineral ions becoming bound by target micro-organisms or other organic matter. In this state, the bound minerals are no longer biologically active. These mineral ions stay with their host microbes, and are typically assimilated into the natural environment without creating a mineral imbalance. Where severe conditions dictate aggressive treatments in the early stages, restoring environmental balance may be delayed.