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BLUEMAGIC is a safe and healthy treatment alternative that offers a genuinely pleasing water experience in Pools and Spas. Used according to label directions, it doesn’t smell or create irritation – more user-friendly than traditional treatments. It offers year-round protection against antimicrobials such as bacteria, algae, and fungi, clarifying water, stabilizing the pH and reducing chlorine use in swimming pools (residential, municipal, recreational) spas and hot tubs. BLUEMAGIC is an NSF/ANSI 60 approved product gentle on pumps, filters, automatic cleaners and safe to use on all pool and spa surfaces. Continuous usage saves maintenance cost by removing biofilm and mineral deposits from pool features while keeping filters clean.

BLUEMAGIC application neither produces any odor, nor by-products in water. Combing BLUEMAGIC with a primary disinfectant gives excellent water quality when used at recommended rates. It is compatible with chlorine, bromine, and their salt systems, ozone and ultraviolet. Because BLUEMAGIC does not breakdown in sunlight (UV) and does not evaporate to the atmosphere, it offers a very stable and easy to use treatment alternative. Ionizer is not required for BLUEMAGIC. It enhances the anti-microbial activity of the primary pool and spa disinfectant such as chlorine, drastically reducing the amount of primary disinfectant needed. A combination of BLUEMAGIC and primary disinfectant results in superior water quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Green Hair occur?

BLUEMAGIC is not likely to cause green tint in blonde, white or grey hair as long as the levels of chlorine (maximum 1.0 ppm) and BLUEMAGIC copper (0.7 – 1.0 ppm) are maintained at the recommended dose. However, if the pool has been shocked with a high amount of chlorine or bromine (hot tubs and spas), copper ions may bind to the hair. This pigmentary change is most evident in blond hair.

The use of excess chlorine in pools can lead to leaching of copper from pipes and cause green hair, even with no BLUEMAGIC. Repeated exposure to chlorinated water, and various hair dyes can also damage hair and increase the copper assimilation in the hair matrix. The copper content in BLUEMAGIC is minute and will only bind to hair if applied to a highly chlorinated or unbalanced pool. Follow directions to use to avoid any green hair issues.

How to remove the green tinge from hair?

To get rid of the green tinge, copper can be removed by rinsing hair with a swimmer’s shampoo, do not use regular shampoo. Shampoos containing natural citric acid, or other active ingredients that bind to copper will remove the copper and reverse the green colouring.

How to avoid the change of swimmers’ hair turning green while using BLUEMAGIC for pool treatment?

Follow the BLUEMAGIC simple Start Up Procedure.

If the chlorine levels in a pool are high would we avoid recommending the use of BLUEMAGIC in a pool?

Allow for chlorine levels to drop to 1.0 ppm before using BLUEMAGIC.

How can the cloudy water be cleared up?

Improper water balance, inadequate filtration or high calcium hardness commonly create cloudy water. If you experience cloudy water, test water balance, and adjust those parameters. Run the daily pump for long time.

What happens if I add too much BLUEMAGIC?

To prevent an overdose, do not add BLUEMAGIC except during normal maintenance cycles. Double check your water volume calculation to make sure you are adding the proper amount of BLUEMAGIC. Monitor the copper level before and after treatment using a copper kit. Never use copper or copper/silver ionizers in combination of BLUEMAGIC in the pool.

Can BLUEMAGIC remove pool deposits and stains?

Mineral and organic deposits and stains can be removed using OCION LI12.5 and BLUEMAGIC respectively. Mineral deposits are caused when metal particles enter the water through hoses, metal equipment, jewelry, and zippers. Organic stains are caused by bacteria, algae, mold, leaves, pollens, etc.

Can BLUEMAGIC be used with any pool surface?

Yes! BLUEMAGIC is safe on all pool surface. Make sure the newly constructed or resurfaced plaster pool surface is fully cured before you use it.

Can BLUEMAGIC be used if the spa has an ozonator or UV?

Yes! BLUEMAGIC is compatible and stable in the presence of ozone and UV light respectively.

Is BLUEMAGIC compatible with D.E., sand or cartridge filters?

Yes! BLUEMAGIC can be safely use with D.E., sand or cartridge filters. It doesn’t damage or interact with those filtering systems.

Is BLUEMAGIC compatible with other disinfectants and chemicals?

Yes! BLUEMAGIC is compatible with most chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, oxychloride, ozone, and salts chlorine generators when added to the pool, spa or hot tub. However, mixing any chemicals together with BLUEMAGIC prior to application is not recommended. Never pour chemicals together in the same container. Never add water to chemicals, instead add chemical to water. Never add chemicals to your pool close to the surface at the same spot time after time. Apply at multiple spots and avoid repetition of spotting. When you apply concentrated chemicals, never allow them to contact skin or pool surfaces directly.

How can be the product stored and disposed?

BLUEMAGIC can be used from season to season if stored in a closed container at room temperature. If the product freeze, bring it to room temperature. When disposing, it’s a marine pollutant, can be considered hazmat by local authorities. It’s always better to use than throw away.