OCION FT33 is a liquid specialty nutrient fertilizer specifically designed for greenhouse and nursery crops. It provides the essential plant micronutrients copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), nitrogen (N), and sulfur (S) in their most bioavailable form to the soil or plants that may be deficient. OCION FT33 may be applied to plants as a foliar spray or to the soil by hand held sprays, drip or spray irrigation systems in an easy dust free application on all plants grown in greenhouses, nurseries and orchards.

OCION’s proprietary Aqueous Ion Matrix (AIM) technology in OCION FT33 provides support to water-soluble mineral ions to be stabilized in its biologically active mineral forms in the matrix until they reach the target that eventually enhances the nutrient bioavailability.

It can be added to the fertilizer mixing tank and used as a spray on plants, substrate, or directly through the irrigation water systems. In addition to correcting the copper and zinc deficiency in the substrate, as a bonus ionic copper keeps the water clean and water lines free of biofilm. Also, drippers and spray nozzles are kept free from staining. Regular use of OCION FT33 brings enormous benefits to plants and farmers and improves the quality of the product and yield.

How It Works