OCION LI 12.5 is developed with the finest blending of natural minerals which yields a clever inert chemical to tackle mineral scaling from water treatment systems, water distribution systems in livestock facilities, greenhouses and nurseries, swimming pools and spas.

OCION LI12.5 keeps water distribution systems and storage tanks free of mineral deposits, scale and corrosion. Use OCION LI12.5 with OCION PX10 to achieve complete line cleaning, including the removal of biological growth from lines, in addition to removing mineral scale.

Application of continual small quantities to maintain optimum condition is recommended.  The product presents no concern with metallic loading of soil and gray water.

OCION LI 12.5 is a concentrated natural cleaner system for greenhouses and irrigation systems. It is not only eliminating the mineral scaling, but also restores the efficiency of water distribution systems. It is easy to use and effective in all water sources. Ideal cleaner for commercial, municipal and residential maintenance applications.

How It Works