POLYPRO is a highly effective bactericide, algaecide. However, POLYPRO is specifically designed for domestic use to combat cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), algae and bacteria in small water bodies, like aquare culture ponds, lagoons, dugouts, reservoirs, fountains, ornamental ponds, water gardens, and decorative water features. Currently registered for closed water systems with no outlets, this product is in testing and review for use to control algae in open water systems. POLYPRO can be safely applied to fish and aquatic life bearing water bodies with appropriate rate and precautions.



  • disperses evenly throughout the water column, it does not precipitate or stratify.
  • shows its best bactericide, cyanobactericide and algaecide activities at ppb level copper concentrations.
  • apply in late spring or early summer when algae first appear
  • equally effective at higher temperature as well as lower temperature
  • application rates vary with higher algae density and growth, hard or turbid water, and flowing water
  • When there is an uncertainty about the dosage, begin with lower dose and increase until control is achieved, or until the maximum allowable level has been reached.
  • When possible, treat algae on a sunny day when the heavy mats of filamentous algae are most likely to be floating on the surface where they can be sprayed directly
  • Physical removal of large mats prior to application gives the best results.
  • Ionic copper level is monitored regularly for ensuring a minimum copper residual in the water
  • Begin treatment along the shore and proceed outwards in bands to allow fish to move into untreated areas.
  • For applications in water containing fish, do not exceed 0.4 ppm copper in total water body.

How It Works