Ocion Blue


OCION BLUE is a safe and healthy treatment alternative that offers a genuinely pleasing water experience in Pools and Spas. Used according to label directions, it doesn’t smell or create irritation – more user-friendly than traditional treatments. It offers year-round protection against antimicrobials such as bacteria, algae, and fungi, clarifying water, stabilizing the pH and reducing chlorine use in swimming pools (residential, municipal, recreational) spas and hot tubs. OCION BLUE is an NSF/ANSI 60 approved product gentle on pumps, filters, automatic cleaners and safe to use on all pool and spa surfaces. Continuous usage saves maintenance cost by removing biofilm and mineral deposits from pool features while keeping filters clean.



OCION BLUE application neither produces any odor, nor by-products in water. Combing OCION BLUE with a primary disinfectant gives excellent water quality when used at recommended rates. It is compatible with chlorine, bromine, and their salt systems, ozone and ultraviolet. Because OCION BLUE does not breakdown in sunlight (UV) and does not evaporate to the atmosphere, it offers a very stable and easy to use treatment alternative. Ionizer is not required for OCION BLUE. It enhances the anti-microbial activity of the primary pool and spa disinfectant such as chlorine, drastically reducing the amount of primary disinfectant needed. A combination of OCION BLUE and primary disinfectant results in superior water quality.

How It Works