PX10 (Polydex)



OCION PX10 is a highly effective, economical and environmentally responsible algaecide, bactericide, cyanobactericide, fungicide, molluscicide and weedicide. It provides immediate solution to algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, fungus, zebra and quagga mussels and some aquatic weeds as well as their associated toxins in natural, drinking, industrial, recreational, irrigation, and livestock drinking water. OCION PX10 is one of the few pesticides which provides a species-specific control over a wide range of microbial species and pests by fine-tuning its rate of application.


Managers and engineers responsible for municipal water quality frequently face challenges as a result of biological contamination in raw water supplies. Cyanobacteria and other algae produce toxins that affect the color, taste and smell of water can also lead to conditions that are both life threatening and injurious to the environment if not managed properly. Municipal water managers and engineers rely on OCION PX10 to combat unsightliness, foul odor and taste in potable and non-potable water systems caused by undesirable bacteria. OCION PX10 effectively controls algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, and mussels with a rate of copper ions which is well below the regulated copper level standard established for drinking water by globally recognized health organization such as Health Canada (Aesthetic Objective: 1 ppm, Maximum Acceptable Concentration: 2.0 ppm), EPA (Maximum Contaminant Level Goal: 1.3 ppm) and WHO (Maximum Acceptable Concentration: 2.0 ppm).

Using OCION PX10 in agricultural and industrial water distribution systems, keeps the system clean, protects animal health and preserves water resources. If not treated effectively, bio-matter can clog pipes, filters, hoses and nozzles serving as a breeding ground for bacteria. Noxious gases generated from improperly managed algae and pond slime can be harmful to workers, plants and livestock.

OCION PX10 works to correct and prevent both aesthetic and toxic water issues stemming from biological contaminants in potable and non-potable water systems. Used seasonally as prevention, it minimizes downstream treatment costs. It drastically reduces reliance on more harmful or costly solutions such as chlorine, flocculants, coagulants and activated carbon.




Controls water contamination caused by algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, zebra, quagga and other mussels

Effective against undesirable microbes in many water systems, including natural waters, industrial ponds, irrigation systems and livestock drinking water

Improves quality, color, odor and taste of water

Lowers suspended organic material, resulting in lower filtration costs

Reduces chemical consumption during water treatment

Remains effective over wide range of conditions i.e. Sun light, high pH, alkalinity, COD, etc.

Also used to treat reservoirs, golf courses, ponds, canals, waterscapes, potable water storage tanks and distribution systems


Controls algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, mussels and organic film build-up

Controls and prevents noxious gases and foul odors

Improves aesthetic water quality

Reduces reliance on chemical disinfection

Reduces suspended solids and lowers filtration requirements

Reduce the instrument maintenance cost and increase the durability of filters and pumps

Meets stringent government standards globally

Treats potable water reservoirs and storage tanks, canals, pipelines and decorative water features.




For progressive agricultural and industrial managers seeking uncompromising solutions to algae, bacteria, cyanobacteria, zebra, quagga and Asian green mussels and their associated toxins that are also environmentally responsible, OCION PX10 is the ideal solution. It knocks down the problem immediately without harming the environment.


 Biological contaminants pose a serious threat to the health of valuable plants and clog lines and storage tanks in greenhouse and field crop operations.  They also impact food safety. OCION PX10 offers a superior solution to keep greenhouse irrigation systems clean and free from bacterial and algal growth.


OCION products are safe for use in polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel pipes and fittings.

For added control of mineral scaling, OCION LI12.5 in combination with OCION PX10 does an outstanding job of restoring irrigation systems to peak efficiency.

Client Testimonial from Westcan Greenhouses

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 OCION PX10 is independently certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water treatment. The manufacturing facility and the product have been complying and meeting the standards continuously over two decades.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is OCION PX10 applied?

Follow label directions. Product may be applied through sprinkler, furrow, border, flood or basin, and drip or trickle chemigation systems; by boat using submerged hoses or surface spraying; from the shoreline by direct pour or surface spraying; by metering into irrigation lines; and by injecting into drip systems. Contact your OCION tech rep for more information on applying OCION PX10 to specific water bodies, or water systems.

Is OCION PX10 safe to handle?

The product is odourless and safe to handle with the following precautions. Always wear the personal protective equipment outlined on the label. Use in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with clothing, skin and eyes. Do not drink concentrate. Keep away from children. Refer to label for first aid information.

Should OCION PX10 be diluted before applying?

OCION PX10 is a concentrated formulation that may or may not require dilution prior to application in water bodies, depending on the desired application, characteristics of the water body, reservoir, or irrigation system being treated. OCION PX10 is self-dispersing in water. For specific application instructions, refer to product labeling or consult your OCION tech rep for more information.

Should OCION PX10 be spread evenly over the water or in just one spot?

OCION PX10 is self-dispersing in water. It can be applied in one spot and will self-disperse evenly at the rate of 20 feet (6 metres) per hour in all directions. OCION PX10 is applied through chemigation systems, metering into irrigation lines, injecting into drip systems, and by direct pour, or spray application, depending on the size and characteristics of the water body. Consult your OCION tech rep for more information on applications to specific water bodies.

How should OCION PX10 be applied when algae is present on the surface of the water?

Spray directly on the algae-infested surface. Pre-dilute 1 part OCION PX10 to 5 parts water to ensure uniform application. Test water weekly for the first month then every other week to maintain a minimum 0.3 ppm ionized copper as residual. For water contaminated with heavy mats of algae, physical removal of surface algae is recommended, prior to applying OCION PX10, for optimal results.

When should OCION PX10 be applied to control algae?

OCION PX10 can be applied any time of the year however, it is most cost effective when used to prevent algae growth. In temperate climates, apply in the early spring or at the first sign of algae and continue bi-weekly or monthly top-up treatments through the autumn.

How quickly does OCION PX10 work?

OCION PX10 starts to work immediately. Typically, algae will die and turn brown within 24 hours of application. OCION PX10 does not oxidize or burn the organisms so may take from 2 –72 hours to see the evidence of algae dying and 2 weeks to get complete results depending on the volume of biomass and product concentrations used.

Will OCION PX10 control weeds other than algae?

OCION PX10 is able to suppress certain nuisance aquatic plants, including Hydrilla, Hyacinth, and Potamogeton. OCION PX10 controls rooted, submerged, and floating aquatic weeds at 2.0 – 4.0 ppm rate of copper.

How often should OCION PX10 be applied?

Maintaining 0.3 to 1.0 ppm of OCION PX10 ionized copper is recommended. Take weekly readings and keep a record. The demand for OCION PX10 will gradually decrease and stabilize as algae is killed. Copper test kits measure copper levels quickly and simply and are available from OCION distributors. Refer to label instructions, or contact your OCION tech rep for more information.

Can OCION PX10 treated water be used for irrigation?

Yes*. At the suggested dosage levels, OCION PX10 has no known detrimental effect on plants. In fact, in foliar irrigation, users have observed improved disease and insect control and plant growth. In conventional and drip irrigation, users report cleaner lines and emitters.

*PLEASE NOTE: Permitted applications and product registrations vary by jurisdiction. Contact your OCION distributor for information on permitted uses in your region.

Can OCION PX10 treated water be used for drinking?

Yes. OCION PX10 is permitted for use in potable water for algae, bacterial and mussels’ control before final purification. Moreover, OCION PX10 is independently certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water treatment.

Will OCION PX10 harm fish?

OCION PX10 may be toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms at very low concentrations. In general, bottom feeders and young fish (e.g. trout fry) are the most susceptible. OCION recommends applying concentrations no greater than 0.06 ppm copper for waters containing copper sensitive fish species, and 0.3 ppm for waters containing more copper resistant fish species. A series of lower doses is recommended to achieve the required rate of copper in the aquaculture applications. Consult with your OCION tech rep prior to use where aquatic life requires protection.

Are there special considerations for heavy algae conditions?

If algae is present in the entire water body, it is recommended to treat only 25% of the volume of water at any one time.  Allow 4 days to 7 days between subsequent treatments until control is achieved with a return to healthy oxygen levels.

Is it necessary to remove dead algae from the dugout?

While it may be aesthetically desirable, there is no need to clean the sediment or dead algae from the bottom or surface of the water. Using OCION PX10 regularly will stop accumulation of dead organic matter from algae.

Does OCION PX10 change water composition?

OCION PX10 is chemically inert. It does not trigger any kind of chemical reaction. OCION PX10 will in no way change the mineral composition of water or any other aqueous substrate. OCION PX10 will add only ionized copper. Copper levels will return to low levels as OCION PX10 treats the conditions presented.

Can OCION PX10 “fix” polluted water?

OCION PX10 is not the product to use for water remediation after contamination by anything other than bacteria and algae. It is designed for controlling micro-organisms. OCION PX10 acts on targeted micro-organisms within the natural copper sensitivity limits of each species.